• The biggest humanitarian crisis of our time

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    Now is the Church’s Moment

Your voice, the voice of all the church, is desperately needed right now to stand with the least of these — 
because our Jesus is with them.

Your voice is direly needed in this defining, historic moment, to be part of a coalition of the faith community who are compelled to be the voice of Christ, and show support for refugees, immigrants and minorities who now fear how potential political changes may significantly, and detrimentally, upend their whole world.

As the implementation of new policies have immediate and devastating effects on refugees and immigration overall, now is the time we need you to use your voice to support refugees around the world —  thousands of families like yours who have fled their homes in a wild search for safe refuge — because home has become the mouth of a monster.

Now is when history needs you, your faith community, all of your people — to raise your voice for those who are crying to live.

This is the time that no one in the church can afford to be silent.


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8.7 million Syrians are predicted to be displaced within the country in 2016, and 4.8 million have sought refuge in other countries since 2011. The UNHCR’s latest figures show the crisis is getting worse. Families are moving not to simply better their lives, but to literally save their lives.

And at a time when the west is reeling in fear and anti-refugee rhetoric is ruling the headlines, we as the Church have a responsibility to respond.

We cannot sit blindly by as people die, flee for their lives, search for homes, or live in an existence many of us cannot even comprehend.

We cannot let the generations to come look back on this time in history and wonder how we sat back and did nothing.

We must engage, and we must act.

#WeWelcomeRefugees exists to empower the Global Church to be a key agent of hope and compassion in the Middle East Refugee Crisis

We, the Church, have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage together on a global scale and change the tide on this urgent and dire issue.

“Now, now,  is the time for the Church to be the Church. In the past, the Church may have been defined by what the Church is against — but, in this defining moment in history, may the Church be clearly defined by what it is for — and the Church has always been for the stranger, the sojourner, and the welcoming arms of the Savior. How can we not move heaven and earth to let the broken in  – when heaven moved and came to earth to let us in?”

Ann Voskamp


See how you can Welcome Refugees and be part of a movement of people who refuse to let fear rule, and instead choose to take seriously Jesus’ call to love our neighbor.

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