Many governments are opening their borders and offering refuge, and many individuals, churches, and other communities are putting out the welcome mat. However the hard work is yet to come, the hard work is in fulfilling the welcome.

The challenge right now is how to provide both aid and development. We must provide the immediate resources required for a crisis of this scale, but we must also invest in sustainable solutions. This crisis is not being fixed any time soon, nor is it going away. Millions of people are needing to start their lives over, from nothing. And potentially in countries where there is no familiarity, where they do not know the language, how to navigate, or how to move forward. The challenges are enormous.

We can, and must, have an immediate response, to give of our resources to those who are in need. And there are a great number of organizations doing amazing work all around the world.

Donate funds to support organizations working with refugees and those who are displaced.


World Relief has been empowering local churches to resettle refugees in the United States for more than 35 years. Many refugees have come to the U.S. as a direct result of the Syrian Crisis and many more are expected in the coming months. World Relief supports and integrates newly arrived refugees with ESL classes, job training, housing support, and relationships with a local church

Provide refugees with a welcome kit – Refugees often flee their homes at a moment’s notice. They arrive at a US airport with few belongings, a difficult past and high hopes for the future. Mobilize your small group, family, church or school to help supply refugees with some of the items they will need when they first arrive. If you live near a World Relief field office, you can gather together specific items and drop off your Welcome Kit, or purchase a kit and they will make it up for you.


World Vision – Displaced Syrian families lack adequate shelter, clothing, food, and basic supplies. World Vision has scaled up their response to the crisis, and your help is needed more than ever. Without increased humanitarian aid to Syria and border countries, more refugees will flow into Europe. Help refugees and internally displaced people, half of whom are children, by giving them the vital resources they need to keep children safe, healthy, and secure. Please pray for these children, and give a gift to help Syrian families today.

World Relief – working with local churches to provide urgent supplies in Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq meeting practical needs at this critical time, supplying temporary shelters, hygiene items, trauma therapy for women and children, and more. Through partnerships with local organizations and churches, the World Relief office in Jordan is providing non-food items to displaced refugee families, as well as sponsoring child friendly spaces for mothers and children.

Preemptive Love – is on the ground in Iraq, serving those who suffer and saving lives, and are uniquely positioned to meet the immediate needs of those attacked by ISIS through job creation and lifesaving surgeries. With years of experience in Iraq, they are able to respond to emergencies in ways that others cannot and reach people who would otherwise be without help.

Questscope – providing emergency supplies on the ground in Syria and Jordan – In the current crisis inside Syria, Questcope provides critical assistance for shelter, water/sanitation, and psychosocial counseling/support for thousands of internally displaced persons.

The Refuge Initiative – building camps of refuge, restoring dignity and hope, and providing pathways back to independent living for those running from persecution.


Give to churches serving refugees arriving on their shores through our partnership with Operation Mobilization (OM) and the European Evangelical Alliance. Support churches in Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Home For Good – Open your home in the UK to help unaccompanied refugee children

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