1. Read our FAQ’s
  2. The European Refugee Crisis & Syria Explained
  3. Check the facts & get an understanding of current decisions being made in the House & find options to engage
  4. Read about the application process refugees wanting to enter the U.S. must go through
  5. Statement by John Sandweg, Former Acting Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the United States screening & security process for refugees
  6. See the steps of the security screening process for refugees being admitted to the United States as provided by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.
  7. Vox Explainer: Governors can’t keep out refugees. But they can make their lives miserable
  8. Look at UNHCR Statistics on the Syrian Refugee Crisis
  9. Comprehensive timeline that walks you through step by step how the crisis rose including videos, pictures, & news articles.
  10. Read an in depth overview of how churches can respond to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, by Thomas Albinson
  11. Visit the Refugee Highway Partnership website to find out more about how the many different people involved in ministry at diverse points along the refugee highway are connected
  12. Read relevant blog posts on our Blog page 
  13. Order “We Welcome Refugees” yard signs
  14. Order “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis,” – new book from Stephan Bauman, Matthew Soerens, and Issam Smeir, and receive a free chapter download
  15. Watch ABC Nightline 3 part series “Refugees in America” on a Syrian refugee family relocated to Modesto, CA. Part One, Part Two, Part Three
  16. Read Ann Voskamp’s blog post: How we could get to be the kind of people the world needs right now
  17. 5 Questions About the Syrian Civil War You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask – Post from Preemptive Love
  18. Read a review by Bethany Hoang on Patrick Kingsley’s frontlines account of the global crisis- “Walking with Refugees on the Resurrection Road”

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Survey: Americans are ready, willing to help Syrian refugees – they just haven’t done it

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Why now is the Church’s moment and it will take all of us not to miss it – Blog post by Ann Voskamp

Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis

How do we even begin to respond to the refugee crisis—arguably the greatest geopolitical issue of our time?

In Seeking Refuge, three experts from World Relief, an international non-profit specializing in refugee resettlement, offer a practical, well-rounded, well-researched guide to the issue.

  • Who are refugees and other displaced peoples?
  • What are the real risks and benefits of receiving them?
  • How do we balance compassion and security?

Drawing from history, public policy, psychology, many personal stories, and their own unique Christian worldview, the authors offer a nuanced and compelling portrayal of the plight of refugees and the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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